Steps You Can Take To Make Your Sump Pump Last For Years

Posted on: 20 January 2015

Sump pumps are not complicated devices. Yet they do a great job of keeping the water out of the lower parts of your home. Of course, like any machine, they require a certain level of upkeep. If you want to make your sump pump last, you need to take preventative steps to make sure it keeps working, and keeps your basement free of excess water.

Ways You Can Keep Your Sump Pump Running Strong

Because the sump pump is not a complicated machine, it does not require particularly complicated maintenance. Just do the following, and your pump should work well for many years:

Check the inlet screen

Depending on the way your pump is setup in your house, it may have to deal with a bunch of different debris in the water it pumps. Some sump pumps receive water directly from kitchen sinks, for instance. These pumps have screens over the opening where they pull in water, which can become clogged with debris. Check the inlet screen on a quarterly basis to ensure it can keep pulling in water.

Clean the pit where the sump pump sits

You can do this at the same time you clean the inlet screen. The pit will often fill up with debris, especially heavier things like small stones. If you leave it long enough, the pit will begin to fill up with dirt and debris.

Check the outlet where the pump discharges water

The outlet must also be clear of debris in order for the sump pump to operate efficiently. This hole can clog with grass, dirt and even ice if you are in a cold climate. Depending on the likelihood of ice developing, you should check the outlet every month or two. The line that the water travels through will also have an air vent hole that may clog. Check this as well.

Test the pump

There is a floater in the sump pump that detects the water level and tells the machine to turn on and begin pumping. You should test this at least every year. Take a bucket of clean water and pour it into the pit that the pump sits in. Watch to see that the floater rises, and that the pump kicks on when it is supposed to.

Clean the pump

You should remove the sump pump from the pit and flush it with clean water annually. This is also a good time to clean the pit out.  

For more information, or for any needed repairs, contact a local plumbing company, like AA Plumbing.