Dust Off Your Air Conditioner To Help Control Dust

Posted on: 12 February 2015

If you're having a tough time with dust in your home, you might want to consider your air conditioner as a secret weapon. While air conditioners can't eliminate dust, they can remove at least some of it if the dust is sucked into the air conditioning system. However, you do have to ensure that the air conditioner stays in good shape so that it can have some effect. If you never maintain the air conditioner at all, you could end up merely redistributing the dust, rather than removing it.

Filters Must Be in Good Shape

Air conditioners take in air and send it through a filter before sending the air into a room. The filter traps dust, and if it's a HEPA-type filter, it can trap allergens and pollutants as well as much more dust. So if there's dust in the air that's sucked into the air conditioner, it will run into the filter and usually not be able to get out of the system. Smaller dust particles might still escape, but at least a lot of the dust will stay behind.

However, that means you need to keep the air conditioner's filter clean by either changing or washing it on a regular basis, depending on the style of filter. If you live somewhere that's very dusty, you must change or clean the filter more often. Dust will clog up the filter until no air can get through, which will make the air conditioner ineffective.

Vents Can Be an Issue Too

You must also have the vents and ducts cleaned out regularly as well. Dust that gets past the filter can land on the floor of a duct and build up. If you turn on the air conditioner so that its fan is blowing fairly hard, that can blow all that dust back out into the room.

If you're really experiencing a lot of dust, start a program of dusting everything and vacuuming the floors and carpets often so that you can pick up extra dust before it gets kicked up into the air. By dusting and vacuuming, and by using an air conditioner with a filter that is in good shape, you can eventually get a handle on most dust problems.

If you're doing all that and still having issues, though, call a repair shop (such as A Avis Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning) to have someone check out the air conditioner. There are a lot of potential causes of bad dust problems, but by having the air conditioner checked out, you can eliminate that as a source of the problem. If you want more information on ways to reduce dust with your air conditioner, contact an air conditioner repair shop today.