Draw Attention To An Egg Hung By Decorating Your Local Park's Gates

Posted on: 19 February 2015

If you are the head of the recreational committee at your local park, add excitement to the Easter egg hunt that is being planned by decorating the gates that surround the area where it will be taking place. Use some basic materials to complete this task. On the day of the event, the children will be thrilled to see the festive adornments that you have created.

Use The Following Items

  • candle
  • screwdriver
  • screw
  • metal tongs
  • decorative twine
  • measuring tape
  • mini baskets
  • luminous spray paint
  • plastic sheeting
  • Easter-themed pictures
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors

Prepare The Eggs

Design garland with twine, plastic eggs, and mini baskets. Make holes on both sides of each egg with a screw that has been heated up. Light a candle and place the tip of the screw into the flame. The easiest way to do this without burning yourself is by holding the screw with a pair of metal tongs. After a few seconds, place the tip of the screw against each side of the eggs. It will create holes that can be used for stringing the twine. If the holes aren't large enough, use a screwdriver to assist with inserting the screw into the eggs until they are larger.

Once all of the eggs have holes in them, spray a coat of luminous spray paint over each one. To do this, lay the eggs on plastic sheeting. Stand back a few inches and apply an even coat on them. The paint will make the eggs glow at night so that people passing by will see them. By adding this feature, additional people may pay attention and become interested in the upcoming egg hunt.

Create The Garland

Measure the width of the gates to determine how much twine will be needed. Remember, you may want to have the twine hang lower in some areas, so add a few inches to the measurement to make this is possible. Alternate stringing eggs and baskets until the piece of twine is filled up. Leave space between each one if you prefer. Hang up the garland by tying each end of the twine onto opposite sides of the gates.

Add some Easter pictures to the gates by applying them to empty spots with double-sided tape. The custom gates will stand out after the new decorations have been added and people will stop by to see what type of event is being held.