Color Yourself Hungry: How Paint Can Increase Your Appetite

Posted on: 31 March 2015

The colors you surround yourself with can make a big difference in how you are feeling and what your brain tells you that it wants. When you are having a dining room or eat-in kitchen painted, consider choosing a paint color that will put you and your family in the mood to eat. 


Green is a wonderful color that is associated with baskets full of freshly picked farm food and eating summer salads outdoors on a warm evening. The color green stimulates your appetite by telling your brain that you are about to enjoy healthy food that your body can use to increase energy. 

When choosing a green for your dining space, consider either a vibrant and strong green or a pale shade of true green for a more relaxed feeling. 


Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness, and people are more likely to enjoy food when they are feeling joyful. A bright yellow can look amazing in an eat-in kitchen with country decor, and a creamy yellow can compliment even more formal decor in a dining room. 


Choose a bright aqua to combine the thought of nutritious green foods with the bright, happy feeling you find in a yellow. Aqua can make you think of clear skies over tropical seas, which can have the same stimulating effect on your appetite as a warm breeze over the ocean air. 


Orange is a color that is used to make people feel welcome and at home. It carries the warm, comforting feelings of autumn and nature as it prepares for winter. Orange brings on thoughts of pumpkins, spices and soup. 

Try orange with brown or red tones in your dining room. The color pairs beautifully with wood tones in furniture. 


Red is a very common color to find in restaurants, and there is a reason why. Red is a color of excitement, romance, passion and hunger. It inspires intensity in feelings, and that includes appetite. The color red can heighten all of your senses and raise your awareness of the activity around you. In a dining room, red helps to bring out the individual flavors in foods. This is especially true of foods made with complicated blends of spices or heat. 

When you are ready to have your dining area painted, consider choosing a color that increases appetite. It might make your meals more exciting and help your family appreciate time spent together enjoying some delicious memories. For more information, speak to experts like AAA Action Painting.