3 Garage Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Posted on: 28 April 2015

If you have a garage door and need to be certain that you are getting the best performance out of it, it pays to learn some of the tips that can help you with this. By learning valuable pieces of information that will help you maintain your garage door, your home will be more thermally efficient, secure and aesthetically pleasing. To take advantage of all of these benefits, you should follow this guide and begin using these pieces of advice. 

#1: Get Your Garage Insulated

Insulation is one of the greatest investments that you can make in your garage. This is important whether you use your garage for a workshops and living arrangements, or simply to park your vehicle. By insulating your garage, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • You'll save more money on your heating and cooling bills every month
  • Your garage will remain dry, which means that you'll avoid the buildup of mold and mildew
  • The garage will be much quieter and shielded from outside noises
  • The insulation will allow you to remain comfortable in the garage year round
  • Insulating the garage does away with potential nesting areas for pests and critters

#2: Keep The Springs On Your Garage Door Well Lubricated And Maintained

By giving yourself the benefit of lubricating and maintaining your garage door springs, you'll keep them in great condition, your garage door malfunction free and avoid injuries to your household. These springs are typically manufactured to give you 10,000 or so cycles. You give yourself the higher end of that spectrum when you take good care of your springs by keeping them lubricated. This allows you to avoid rust and corrosion. In that respect, you should make sure that you use a silicone lubricant, such as WD-40, to get the best results out of it. 

#3: Get A Tuneup Once Per Year

To be sure that your garage door is working when you need it to, it pays to get the door tuned by a professional. A garage door repair expert will be happy to provide you this tuneup, which can include things like safeguarding the door, swapping out faulty parts and making sure that important parts are lubricated. These contractors, like those at Girard's Garage Door Services, are licensed and insured and will keep your door functioning as efficiently as possible. 

Provide yourself this help, so that you can get the best performance and efficiency out of your garage as a whole.