4 Steps To Keeping Carpet Clean In A Home With Toddlers

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Carpet can be difficult to keep clean in any busy home, but especially if you have young toddlers that may be getting into messes all day. While hardwood or tile may be easier to clean than carpeting, there are still plenty of ways to keep your carpet in good shape with a few helpful tips. Instead of dealing with removing stains in the future, consider the following tips for keeping the carpet in good shape. 

Stick to Chemical-Free Cleaning Solutions

With the amount of time that your toddler likely spends crawling and playing on the floor, it's important to make sure not to use any harmful chemicals for cleaning. While some gentle cleaning solutions and homemade solutions may not seem as effective when browsing through the options available, it's a good idea to avoid harmful chemicals that could cause skin irritation.

Homemade mixtures that include dish detergent, vinegar, and warm water can be a great way to clean dirty carpet without any of the danger of most store-bought solutions.

Reduce the Risk of Messes By Designating Where to Snack and Drink

While you can prevent the accidental spill, you can greatly reduce the chance of it happening by setting clear guidelines in your home. Making sure your toddler isn't enjoying drinks and foods on the flooring is a great way to help prevent spills from reaching your carpeting.

Limit Messy Activities in Carpeted Rooms

Along with making sure your toddler isn't eating or drinking on the carpet, you should also make sure messy toys aren't played with. This includes drawing with crayons or markers, along with using play-dough while on the carpeting. By setting up an area for these activities in an area with hard floors or on a table surface, you won't need to worry about the carpet being affected.

Make Sure Your Toddler is Safely Away While Cleaning

Whether you decide to rely on professionals for deep carpet cleaning or handling it on your own with the use of a steam cleaner, it's important to make arrangements for your toddler. Keeping them out of the room for several hours after cleaning to allow the carpet to dry is a good idea, along with making sure your toddler isn't scared of the noises associated with cleaning.

By learning how to take care of carpeting in a home with toddlers, you can help avoid stains from occurring and keep the floors looking their best.