Three Insulation Improvements That Can Reduce Energy Loss In Your Home

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Energy loss can be a big problem in older homes. It can lead to costly AC and heating bills, cold drafts or a home that never cools off. Many of these problems start with lack of insulation and air leaks in your home. If you want to improve energy performance in your home, adding insulation to areas like attics, basement and windows can help. Here are some insulation improvements you may want to consider to improve the energy efficiency of your home:

1. Improving The Insulation Around Windows And Doors

Use a flat bar to remove the trim around windows and store it in an out of the way place.  It is important to use a loose insulation like batten around the window casing, and not spray foam. The batten insulation can be added by cutting thin strips and using a ruler to stuff it between the window casing and rough wood framing. The insulation should fit loosely, where you could remove it with a finger or tweezers. Do not pack insulation too tightly because this can restrict air flow and defeat the entire purpose of adding insulation.

2. Adding Insulation To Attics To Reduce Heat Gain

Attic insulation is one of the most important areas of insulation in your home. Lack of attic insulation can cause heat to escape from your home or heat gain. You want to have a thick layer of attic insulation to prevent these problems. If you currently only have insulation at the level of the joists, you can have an additional layer added to reduce energy loss through the attic of your home. Blow-in insulation is an excellent choice for adding more to existing insulation in your attic. Spray-foam insulation is another option, but should be installed correctly, removing old insulation and spraying. The foam option can cost more, but can give you better energy performance if done correctly.

3. Sealing And Improving Insulation In Basements And Crawl Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are another area where you can loose a lot of energy. These areas are often unfinished and uninsulated. You can have insulation added to the bottom of the joists and seal the area from the rest of your home. Having a barrier installed will prevent problems like humidity coming from the crawl space or basement. It will also help reduce air leaks and drafts that come from a crawl space. This can help to reduce energy loss that is caused by poor insulation in these areas of your home.

These are some energy improvements that you may want to consider if you want to reduce energy loss in your home. If you want to start with these improvements, contact an insulation contractor from a place like Discount Energy Services and talk with them about adding more attic insulation to your home.