How To Install A New Toilet

Posted on: 22 September 2015

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the smartest home investments you can make. Bathrooms often age quicker than other rooms in the house because of the constant usage. This is why so many people decide to remodel their bathroom before any other room. One of the first things that needs changing is often the toilet. Investing in a new toilet is a smart and simple project that you can do on your own. It will not only make your room look nicer, it will also help you save water (and therefore money). This article explains how to remove your whole toilet and install a new one.

Removing the Old Toilet 

First things first, turn off the water and remove the shut-off valve hose from the back of the toilet. Also, flush the toilet a few times to get as much water out of the bowl as you can. Some hoses are hand-tightened, so they should be easy to remove. However, you might still need a wrench to get it loose initially. Have a small bucket nearby so the water in the line does not spill all over. Removing the old toilet is very simple, but it does require a bit of heavy lifting. It also might be difficult to remove the nuts on the base of the toilet. A larger wrench might make it easier, but you might need to use some degreaser to get the nut loose. Once the floor nuts are removed, you just need to lift the toilet up and out of the hole.

Installing Your New Toilet

Toilets are universally sized. To make sure you get the right size and style of toilet for your fitting, just look inside the tank of your old toilet before you go to the store. It should have all the relevant specs printed so you'll know exactly what replacement to buy. The first step is to just lower the wax gasket around the main pipe into the ground pipe. The wax will squeeze into place and seal around the floor. Now, just make sure your toilet is straight and tighten the ground bolts. Then, reattach the shut-off valve hose and turn the water back on. When you turn the water back on, keep an eye on all the connections to make sure there are no leaks. The tank and bowl will fill up and your toilet should be ready to use. Toilets come pre-assembled, so the installation is that easy.

A new toilet, especially one with a WaterSense label, will certainly help you save water and run a greener household.

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