What You Should Know About Submersible Well Pump Problems

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Are you restricted to using well water at your newly purchased rural home? To avoid the stress of not being able to get water from the well, it is important for you to know in advance what can cause problems for the pump. Discover below the problems that a submersible well pump might have and the estimated price of a replacement if you need one.

What Kind of Problems Can a Submersible Well Pump Cause a Homeowner?

The most urgent problem that can happen to a submersible well pump is the inability for it to fill the water storage tank. No water in the storage tank means that none will flow through the plumbing system into your house. If the well pump is not functioning, it is possible that it is not receiving the electricity that it requires to operate. If the wiring to the well pump is damaged and caused a fire hazard, it could have tripped the circuit breakers. You will have to get the pump inspected and repaired as soon as possible if you suspect an electrical problem, or get a new pump.

You may also experience no water in the storage tank if something goes wrong with the pressure pump of the submersible well pump. It is vital for the well to have a functional pressure pump because it powers up the pressure switch. Basically, the pressure pump sends air to the pressure switch so it can come on and allow well water to flow into the storage tank. If you ever notice that the pressure switch is not working, you can diagnose the problem by using a tire gauge. All you have to do is locate a valve that is on top of the pump and attach the tire gauge to determine if the pressure switch is receiving air.

Is a Submersible Well Pump Expensive for a Homeowner to Replace?

What you are charged for a submersible well pump replacement depends on the type and whether professional installation is necessary or not. A new submersible well pump will cost at least $200 or more. If you want a pump that can distribute a lot of gallons of water per minute, the price can go over $1,200. Getting professional installation can cause the price to be an additional $250 or higher, depending on if you need new plumbing installed as well. Don't hesitating speaking to a water well contractor if your submersible well pump begins causing you trouble! Click for more info on well pumps.