How To Pick The Best Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Posted on: 21 December 2015

Remodeling a bathroom can add substantial value to your home, and each design choice that you make is an important one. Arguably the most important of these choices is the type of shower door that you choose to install, as it will not only be a centerpiece of the bathroom's design, but also contribute a great deal to the sense of space. Read on below to discover different types of doors available to consumers and how each one might be adapted to be the best possible fit for your new bathroom.

Bypass Doors

Bypass shower doors are one of the most common features in residential bathrooms, and for good reason. They can be constructed from a variety of materials and don't need a great deal of space in which to function. Though some doors feature three panels, most have only two, both of which are capable of sliding parallel to each other (one in front of the other) on a single metal track, to function as a single door. The primary benefit of bypass doors is that they take up hardly any space, and so are best for smaller bathrooms.

Pivot Doors

It may be the case that your bathroom is too small for even a bypass door to fit. In these sorts of situations, pivot doors are ideal. Pivot doors feature a single door that is capable of swinging either inwards or outwards. Many large but especially narrow bathrooms have pivot doors installed, and they are just as sturdy as their sliding cousins. Sleek metal handles can be installed on pivot doors to make them easier to open and close. 

To Frame or Not to Frame?

One of the first questions you'll want to ask yourself one you've decided on the best type of door to install is whether or not to frame it. A frame is usually made of aluminum and can lend a sense of durability to a shower door. On the other hand, many modern and minimalist bathroom designs tend to do away with frames, making the shower not only easier to clean, but also easier on the eyes.


Finally, you'll want to consider which glass finish you prefer for your shower door. While completely transparent doors offer the cleanest look, frosted glass offers the opportunity to imprint unique designs. Tinted glass is best for those desiring total privacy, and who also prefer minimalist design. Fore more information about shower door options, visit Mitchell Window & Door.