Expsoing Two Siding Myths Homeowners May Believe

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Homeowners that are looking to undertake a renovation project may want to consider installing siding. Siding can provide a home with some important benefits, but choosing to have siding installed on your home can be a difficult decision to make because you might assume that a couple of common misconceptions are true. Learning the realities about common siding myths can help you to be more informed about whether or not siding is an upgrade that will meet the needs of your home.

Myth: Siding Is Purely For Aesthetics

While siding can dramatically improve the exterior appearance of your home, you should be aware that it can also provide many other benefits to the house. For example, siding can help to protect your home from insect damage as it will form a barrier over the more exposed parts of your house. Additionally, opting for insulated siding can help to reduce energy loss for your home, and this can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Another benefit of siding is that it can dramatically reduce the maintenance needs of your home because it will not need to be painted or sealed like wood exteriors.

Myth: Siding Is Completely Maintenance Free

Siding requires far less maintenance that most other home exteriors, but you should not fall for the belief that siding is completely maintenance free. There are a couple of simple tasks that you will need to do to make sure that your siding stays in the best condition possible. For example, there are many substances, such as mud, dust, pollen and mosses, that can grow on the surface of siding. Combating these problems, you will need to make sure to wash the exterior of the home with a pressure washer. These washers will remove any substances that can gather on your siding. Additionally, you will need to have the siding inspected by a professional every few years. These inspections will give the contractor a chance to diagnose problems before they become severe.

Committing to installing siding is a major project for you to decide to have done to your home. While this option can provide a home with a number of benefits, it can be difficult to decide to have this work done if you are unaware of the fact that siding provides more than just aesthetic upgrades and that the siding is not maintenance free. Having the facts behind these notions will give you more of the insights that you need when making this decision. For more information, talk to a professional like Lifetime Exteriors.