Why Using Stud Welding Equipment Is Ideal For Your Metalwork Business

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Are you looking for a more efficient way to weld the metal products that you sell? You might find that stud welding equipment is the best way to go about bonding together your metal products, and it might also help you become more productive at completing projects to build inventory for your business. Take a look at this article for a few of the reasons stud welding is something that you should consider for your metalwork business.

1. You Will Have Less Excess Metal to Clean

Working in a dirty environment can lead to you being less productive, which is why stud welding can be beneficial. A stud welding machine is equipped with a shield that is made out of ceramic. The ceramic shield comes in handy because it is able to stop flying piece of metal from going beyond it. Rather than having to clean up pieces of metal all over your work area, you will only have to clean the area that the shield has it contained in. With flash welding, metal pieces are not contained to one space and can make the task of cleaning up time-consuming.

2. Painted Metal Parts Will Not Get Damaged

One of the best things about stud welding is that you can complete painted metal products in a more efficient manner. For instance, it is not ideal to weld metal that is already painted when using the flash welding technique because the paint can come off. The paint comes off due to metal pieces sporadically flying around during the welding process. Basically, the painted metal parts will be protected during the stud welding process because the flying metal pieces will only fly towards a specific area of your workspace.

3. Attach Metal Parts Faster

It can take some time for two metal parts to bond together when flash metal is used for the task. When you opt for stud welding, you will find that the parts bond together in a faster manner. You will simply attach the studs to the metal parts and a bond will be created in no time. You can also count on the bonds to be stronger than with flash welding, which means that your products will last a lot longer. It is difficult for metal parts that are joined together with studs to be broken because of their strength and thickness. Start using stud welding equipment as the method for creating your products as soon as possible.

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