Why Engineered Hardwood Is Great For Bathroom Floors

Posted on: 28 May 2016

Since there is so much moisture in kitchens and bathrooms, the floors often need to be replaced before the floors in other rooms. Even super durable products like tile or linoleum will eventually need to be replaced. Engineered hardwood can redefine the look of any room. Furthermore, hardwood is a very durable and low maintenance product. This article explains why installing engineered hardwood floors in your kitchen or bathrooms is a very smart investment.

Choosing the Right Type of Hardwood

It is important to distinguish that not all hardwood floors are the same. If you are installing hardwood in a kitchen or bathroom, you definitely want a waterproof floor, so you should look for an engineered product. Engineered hardwood floors are made out of several thin veneers of wood that are glued together. Furthermore, the top layer has a waterproof laminate or epoxy finish. This finish is completely clear so it protects the hardwood without changing the look. Basically, an engineered hardwood floor looks just like a natural hardwood floor, but it is far more durable and well-suited to the moist environment of a bathroom.

Great Flexibility

As mentioned, engineered hardwood floors are made out of thin layers of wood. This allows them to be more flexible and more lightweight. The flexibility is key when it comes to installing them in a bathroom that used to have a different type of floor. During the removal of the old floor, there's likely to be a little bit of mortar or adhesive that is still stuck to the subfloor. This tiny bit of leftover residue can make it hard to perfectly install some types of flooring that are not flexible. However, a flexible engineered floor will go right over an imperfect subfloor without any issues.

Easy to Install

One of the biggest perks of engineered hardwood floors is that they are designed to be self installed. That is, they have a simple tongue and groove system that allows consumers, even if they are not construction expert, to install them on their own with minimal power tools. Of course, if you do installation by yourself, you can greatly reduce the overall cost of the project.

As you can see, engineered hardwood floors are great for kitchen and bathroom settings. It is an affordable, easy to install, waterproof and durable product. Over the years, you will also save a little bit of money because they require barely any maintenance. Contact a business, such as Costen Floors Inc, for more information.