Repairs A Chimney Might Need

Posted on: 25 August 2016

Are you lost as to why your house constantly has high humidity levels? If you have a fireplace in your house, you might want to get the chimney inspected in case it is the root cause of the problem. The chimney can actually have numerous problems if it has never received maintenance before. In this article, you will discover a few parts of a chimney that can lead to excessive humidity if they are in bad shape.

Are There Any Signs of Spalling On the Bricks?

Spalling is the type of chimney damage that causes the bricks to deteriorate. Basically, the bricks become flaky and can also develop cracks. The damage leads to rainwater being able to seep through, which might be why your house is so humid. If a spalling problem is not repaired soon enough, the entire chimney can crumble down and need to be reconstructed.

Does the Chimney Crown Have Cracks in It?

The crown of the chimney is one of the easiest ways for rainwater to get inside of your house when it is cracked. The crown is located on top of your roof, so you will have to climb up if you want to perform an inspection. Minor cracks can likely be sealed up to prevent water from seeping through. However, the crown might need to be replaced altogether if the damage is severe.

Has the Mortar Turned into Powder?

The mortar on your chimney is one of the most important areas, as it prevents the bricks from getting loose. A high humidity level in a house is a sign that the mortar is old. You can use a knife to scrape the mortar and determine if it turns into powder, especially with little effort scraping. Powdery mortar should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent water from seeping into your house, as well as to keep the chimney stable.

How Can Old Mortar Be Replaced without Bricks Falling?

The best way to repair old mortar without it causing bricks to fall is through tuckpointing.  Basically, a contractor will carefully remove old mortar and replace it. The task is done by repairing one joint at a time so the bricks will remain in place. A small amount of the old mortar will be left for security as well. Get in touch with a contractor and check out the site for more information on what signs you should watch for to know if your chimney needs repair.