Building A Patio? Pick Trees That Will Benefit The Outdoor Space

Posted on: 5 October 2016

Some homes come with beautiful backyards that are lovely to look at, but they may not provide much functionality for when you are spending time outside. Without a deck, patio, gazebo, or garden, the only time you may be outside is when you are pulling up weeds and water plants. You may have come up with a plan to fix this problem by building a patio, which will likely require you to spend around $3,000. The way you go about building the patio can have a huge impact on your overall happiness once it is finished. Creating a solid landscape plan with a focus on the trees can help you create an even better patio.

Shade Coverage

You may not want to wait five to ten years to start enjoying some noticeable shade from trees that you plant around the same time as when you finish the patio's construction. So, you cannot afford to use slow-growing trees in this situation. What you need is fast-growing shade trees that are also worth growing. The weeping willow is a prime example of a tree that fits the initial requirements, but ultimately fails because it is such a brittle tree that you cannot rely on it staying healthy when faced with harsh weather. Although you could grow any tree that fits with your hardiness zone, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the trees in your neighborhood because their presence means they can survive just fine.

Minimal Mess

Certain trees might look incredible, but as a homeowner, you have to consider how much time and effort you will have to invest into growing and maintaining any tree that you put on your property. Once you build a patio, the last thing you will want to do is spend hours every week maintaining the general area. So, you do not want to fall into the trap of growing trees such as the ginkgo, water oak, or paper mulberry. These trees will have you picking up litter all over the grill, furniture, and flooring of your patio.

Strong Branches

It is beneficial to have strong branches when you are planting trees near your patio. Not only do you want to protect your guests when they are spending time outside, but you want to make sure your patio is not at an enormous risk of taking damage if a tree branch were to fall down at a random time. The linden tree is sturdy and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for growing alongside an outdoor living space.

Combining a smart and well-rounded plan for a patio cannot just include the construction itself, you need to figure out what trees are best to put out there and have them professionally implemented. For more information, contact local professionals like Smitty's Tree Service Inc.