How To Care For Your Natural Stone Countertops

Posted on: 5 December 2016

If you have just installed new, natural-stone countertops or if you have moved into a home with them, you will need to know how to properly care for them. This will ensure that they stay beautiful and will last for many years before you will ever need to think about replacing them.

Be Careful What You Clean It With

You cannot simply use any kitchen cleaner on your natural stone countertops. You need a cleaner that has the perfect pH balance and that was designed for the purpose of being used on natural stone. The reason this is so important is because some of the other cleaners out there are too abrasive and can actually scratch up the surface of the natural stone. Another thing to remember is that many of the other common kitchen cleaners on the market are too acidic for your stone countertop and can therefore cause some discoloration.

Keep A Nice Sealant On The Counter

Natural-stone countertops are porous. This means that there are little holes all throughout the stone, which will allow it to absorb oils and other liquids that it comes in contact with. This can not only lead to altered coloration, but the damaging of the stone itself. Another important aspect is that, if a natural stone counter is left without a properly applied sealant, it cannot be properly cleaned and sanitized. You could end up causing you and your loved ones to become ill when you prepare food on that counter. Therefore, you will want to purchase a quality natural-stone sealant and apply it as needed. This will protect the counter, protect you and your loved ones, and give it a nice shine that will help bring out its natural beauty.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

It is vital that you are doing everything you can to keep spilled drinks from just sitting on the stone counter for too long. This is because the liquid, even with a nice sealant on the counter, can cause the counter to stain if it is left there for too long. Therefore, you might even want to make it a rule that children can't pour their own drinks over the counter. Have them place their cups on a nearby table or pour their drinks over the sink. Also, make sure that you have a stone-safe cleaning solution nearby for a quick cleanup.

By caring for your natural stone counter in the best way possible, you will not have to worry about replacing it any time soon unless you want to remodel the kitchen.

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