3 Reasons Glass Railing Is A Logical Choice In Your Multilevel Retail Store

Posted on: 14 July 2017

Multilevel shopping centers and stores are becoming more common in this day and age, especially in urban areas where ground space is limited so buildings naturally need to built in a vertical position. If you own a retail store that contains more than one level, you will spend a lot of time thinking about proper railing to surround those upper floors in your building. Glass railing may not always be the first option that comes to mind, but it could definitely be deemed the better choice. Take a look at three of the biggest reasons why glass railing is a logical choice for your multilevel retail store. 

Create a more open atmosphere in spite of the multiple-level area. 

When your store contains more than one level, it is easy for the different floors to lose their flow in design from one level to the next simply because visibility is cluttered with railing and walls. However, if you have glass railing around the upper levels that are visible from the lower floors, it offers an air of consistency in design that is tied in together. The whole store will feel more like an open atmosphere instead of being separated out. 

Enhance security because of customer visibility. 

Having a store that contains more than one level can make it difficult for security personnel to keep tabs on everything that is taking place on all floors. If the upper floors are surrounded with glass railing, however, it will mean there is less obstruction in visibility. If a security member is watching a suspected shoplifter, they can easier follow what they are doing from a lower level if they can actually see what is taking place upstairs. Likewise, security cameras that are mounted in certain places will not have the obstructions of railings in the way while footage is being taken. 

Prevent concerns with small children on upper levels of the building. 

Traditional types of railing have gaps between slats where small children can stick their hands and feet through or even try to climb on, which can be incredibly dangerous and a huge safety concern in your multilevel retail store. Because glass railing is solid in design, you will reduce the usual safety concerns that would come with traditional railing. Additionally, you will not have to be so concerned with things getting ushed through railing openings and hurled into the air toward the lower levels of your store. 

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