Types Of Artificial Turf Grass And Choosing The Best One For Your Yard

Posted on: 3 August 2017

If you have a busy lifestyle because you have kids, work late hours and weekends, or travel a lot, the last thing you probably want to do on with your free time is mow the lawn. Maybe you mow your lawn regularly, but it is bald and brown because you don't have a green thumb. The solution to these problems could be to have artificial turf grass installed. Turf grass has come a long way. It feels soft to the touch and it looks almost real, especially from a distance. Here are some types of artificial grass to choose from.

Polypropylene Grass Is Economical

Artificial turf can be made in any shade of green and the blades can be shaped to look like various types of grass. This allows you to have a lawn that looks like other lawns in your neighborhood by choosing a type of grass that is popular in your area. In addition, artificial turf is made from different materials. The least expensive material is polypropylene. It is also the least durable. It isn't the best choice if you have kids and pets that play in the yard. However, if your yard won't get much foot traffic, it might be a good choice since it will save you money.

Nylon Artificial Turf Is Stiff And Durable

Another type of turf grass is made from nylon. This is the most durable choice of all, but it is stiffer than natural grass. It's a good choice for sports fields and other public areas that get a lot of wear and tear. Another option might be better for residential use since nylon turf feels artificial rather than feeling soft like grass.

Polyethylene Is A Good Choice For Yards

Polyethylene could be the best choice for your yard. It is strong enough for sports fields, especially when combined with nylon, but it is soft like natural grass. This is a good choice for an active family because it stands up to a lot of wear and tear without being damaged or showing signs of wear.

You can even buy polyethylene turf grass made especially for dogs. This type of grass looks like natural grass and the mat is designed to be easy to clean. Solid messes stay on top of the grass for easy removal and liquids flow out the bottom of the grass mat rather than being held in the turf. Dog turf is easy to keep sanitary so it's an excellent choice for your backyard when you have dogs.

The benefits of artificial grass make it worth considering if you don't have time to mow or if you just hate yard work. You'll never have to mow your lawn again. Artificial turf doesn't need much maintenance at all. You may want to rake it out occasionally to keep it from matting down, and you'll want to wash it if your dogs use the lawn, but you won't have to worry about pulling weeds or having a lawn that refuses to thrive due to neglect or the weather. Artificial turf makes it easy to have a beautiful, lush lawn that your family can enjoy.

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