Scrub-A-Dub-Dub! Three Scrubbing Contractors In A Tub!

Posted on: 25 November 2017

Scrubbing services is a general phrase applied to any contractual service that cleans something. There are at least three scrubbing contractors that provide these types of services. The services are split between residential and commercial cleaners, but many of these criss-cross between residential and commercial.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is very time-consuming, especially if the windows all belong to a multi-story office building. Contractors that do just window cleaning create schedules for their customers such that you always know when the windows are going to be cleaned, and how much it will cost. It will save you a lot of time and energy to hire a window cleaner for your home as well.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpet and rug cleaning are essential to keeping a very clean home or business. Too much dirt and moisture gets into carpets and rugs, and can make these items smell as bad as they look. Carpet cleaners come as often as you need, while rug cleaners remove the rugs, take them to the shop, clean them, and return them on the next cleaning date. In the meantime, replacement rugs are put down on the floors so that your customers do not slip and fall on wet, dirty floors. Rug cleaning is definitely a contractual cleaning service, but carpet cleaners can schedule you for an appointment as needed.

Pressure Washing

Next to carpet cleaners and rug cleaning services, pressure washing is a commonly-requested service. From sidewalks and driveways, to siding and rooftops, pressure washing addresses it all. The services differ slightly for commercial customers than residential customers in that commercial customers have an ongoing contract to clean very specific areas around their businesses on a more frequent basis. 

Additional Scrubbing Contractors

Additional scrubbing  contractors include pool cleaners, bathtub resurfacers, and sand blasters for graffiti left on brick walls. There are as many cleaning services and service providers as there are surfaces to be cleaned, and each one caters to a niche market. If you ever think that you have an unusual cleaning request, you probably do not. There are even scrubbing services for blood on mattresses, and shop tools with sticky or greasy messes stuck to the blades. 

In addition to the contractors, there are services that help you find a specific cleaning service. The "helper" services are found online or via an app. You only have to type into the search bar what you need cleaned, and the site/app will pull up a list of cleaning contractors that can help. Contact a company, like Armstrong Sweeping Inc/ASI, for more help.