Steps An Oven Repair Service Might Try To Get Your Oven Heating Again

Posted on: 4 January 2018

The last thing you want to encounter when you're getting ready to bake your evening meal is a burned out baking element in the bottom of your oven. When the baking element goes bad, it won't heat up and make the oven warm. The broiling element may still work, but it usually isn't possible to bake with the broiling element alone. Repairing an oven can be dangerous since there is electricity involved, so the safest way to get the repairs done is to call in an oven repair service. Here are some things that might be done to get your oven working again.

Inspect The Baking Element

Sometimes, you can see when the element goes bad because it may flare up or look like it's burning. Other times, the element may look fine but still be bad. The first thing the repair service will do is inspect the element. This may require removing the lower panel of the oven and even the door. The element is inspected for signs of damage and the wiring is checked also to make sure the problem isn't a loose connection.

Check For Other Potential Problems

A bad heating element isn't the only thing that can keep your oven from getting hot. If damage to the element is not visible, then other possible malfunctions may be checked out before the element is replaced. This includes testing electrical components such as the thermostat and temperature sensor. Checking these electrical components and being able to understand the readings generally requires experience and safety precautions which is another good reason to let a professional handle your oven repairs.

Replace The Element

Once the baking element has been identified as the source of the problem, it can be disconnected from the wiring and unscrewed from the oven so it can be replaced. Baking elements are not universal so the right replacement model is chosen and placed in the oven. It is connected to the wiring and secured in place. The panel, door, and racks are returned to their original positions and power is restored so the heating element can be tested.

Replacing a baking element is an easy job for an experienced professional so your oven should be operational without too much delay. A new heating element should last several years, but it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced at some point depending on how much you use your oven and how well the element is cleaned and protected from damage. If you find you need to replace a baking element often, then you might have a bigger problem with your oven that needs to be investigated. Contact a service, like J & M Appliance, for more help.