Three Situations That Warrant Help From a Professional Tree Company

Posted on: 31 October 2018

Having beautiful trees on your property is a true treat, but sometimes, they can cause a lot of problems around your property. If you're experiencing the following issues, then you should seriously consider hiring a company that specializes in tree services. 

Overgrown Branches 

Branches will naturally grow out over time. This becomes a huge liability if they grow too close to your home. That's because when the wind picks up, these branches can brush against your roof and cause severe damage that costs you a lot of money to fix.

So that these damages don't occur, you'll need assistance from a tree company. They'll bring out high-powered chainsaws that can cut any branches that are growing directly over your roof. These branches will be removed in a systematic manner too, so you don't have to worry about property damage or someone getting seriously hurt. 

Sick Tree 

If you've noticed that your tree isn't growing as many leaves and looks less lively, it may be sick. You need to do something right away before it dies completely. Healing a sick tree doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming if you work with a tree company.

They can help sick trees in a variety of ways. For example, they can remove excess soil around your tree. This way, the roots have more oxygen and can thus breathe better. They can also aerate the soil by poking holes in it. Organic solutions can also be applied to help your tree become healthy again.

Dead Tree 

Having a dead tree on your property may not seem like that big of an issue, but it can be extremely problematic. Since the roots are no longer alive, dead trees are more prone to falling over during severe weather storms. 

So that excessive damage and accidents don't happen because of this dead tree, you need to hire a tree company. They'll quickly cut down your tree to its stump so that it's no longer a threat. You can either keep this stump in place as a reminder of the tree or have the company remove it as well. All of the materials from the tree will be loaded onto commercial trucks and taken away from your property. 

If there are trees on your property, it's your responsibility to maintain them over the years. Tree care no longer has to be a struggle thanks to tree companies like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc. These companies offer many helpful services that you may need as a homeowner.