Are Mold And Mildew Staining Your Siding? Maintain And Protect Your House And Make An Upgrade Today

Posted on: 25 January 2019

If you can notice that there is green or black mold on the exterior of the home, and you have tried pressure washing it off with no luck, new siding may be the next investment you need to make. If the cleaning isn't helping and there are visible problems on the exterior of the home, there are most likely problems on the inside of the siding as well. Here are some things you want to get cost estimates for so you can find out how much it's going to cost to replace your siding.

Removal Expenses

The cost to remove the siding will include the labor and the haul away. If you have old wood siding you may not have a way to get rid of it besides paying to take it to the dump or paying for a dumpster. If you have aluminum siding, you may want to do the removal on your own so you can take it to a scrap yard and get money for it. You will have to determine if you have the time and capability to do this.

Restore and Wrap

Once the old siding is off you can see if there are damages to the exterior walls of the home. If so you have to repair any water damage, mold or mildew concerns, or insulation problems right away.

After the house is repaired you want to have a wrap placed around the exterior. This wrap will help with heating and cooling efficiency and help to keep out moisture and pests. This is a great way to preserve the home and a great investment to make while updating the siding around your space.

New Siding Installation

Investing in new siding to protect your home isn't just going to improve the quality and protect the structural materials behind the siding, but it's also going to help you update the exterior and the look of the property. Get estimates for insulated vinyl siding that will help to lower heating and cooling costs and prevent mold damage that occurred before.

After you take the time and you have invested the money to wrap the house and to put new siding up, alert your homeowners insurance company of the changes that you made. This way if there is a fire or any other type of problem, the new siding will be covered and you won't take a loss to replace it.

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