Signs It's Time To Contact An Electrical Repair Company

Posted on: 16 July 2019

Owning your own home is a rewarding experience. You have worked hard to get the home of your dreams and you do your best to keep it maintained. Although there are several household projects that are ideal DIY tasks, any problem relating to the electrical wiring should be handled by the professionals. Doing electrical maintenance and repairs can be extremely dangerous. So, although it's fine to occasionally check the breaker box or flip the switch for the circuit breaker, any type of electrical repair should be done by an experienced electrician. Here are a few signs that it's time to contact an electrician for repairs.

Black Spots Around the Outlets

If you notice black spots around one or more electrical outlets, it may be a sign of faulty wiring. The black spots may actually be burn marks from the wires getting too hot. You should not use these outlets and, if possible, flip the circuit to turn the power off to this part of the house and contact an electrical repair company immediately.

Odor of Burnt Toast

If you haven't burnt your toast in while, but you continually smell the odor of burnt toast or burning plastic, it may be due to the wiring inside the walls getting too hot. This can be an extremely dangerous situation; in fact, it may lead to an electrical fire, which can occur without you knowing until it's too late. Electrical fires can start inside the walls and slowly build until the entire house is in flames. So if you smell even the slightest odor of burning plastic, contact an electrical repair company immediately.

Frequently Blown Lightbulbs

It's completely normal for lightbulbs to occasionally need to be changed; however, if the bulbs in the same light source are constantly blowing, it may not be due the bulb or extensive use of the light. It may be caused by a short in the wiring that is powering the electrical outlet or the wiring in the light source itself. Another sign of a possible short in the wiring is flickering lights, especially if this occurs in an isolated area of the house. In this situation, it's best to discontinue using that particular light and contact an electrical repair company as soon as possible to inspect the wiring.

When it comes to electrical maintenance, most homeowners should limit their maintenance to simply changing a fuse or flipping the circuits when needed. It's also important to ensure the area around all of the electrical outlets is clean and that the outlet covers are in good condition. If you suspect any type of electrical problem in your home, it's important that you contact a local electrical repair company, such as RDS Electric, as soon as possible to do an inspection and make any necessary repairs.