Three Times That A Rented Crash Truck Can Be Useful

Posted on: 28 August 2019

A crash truck is a vitally important piece of equipment that can prevent accidents and even save lives on the road. This vehicle has two chief priorities — to alert motorists to the fact that they need to slow down because of something up ahead of them on the road, and to take the impact of a vehicle and cause a dissipation of energy, preventing serious harm from coming to those in front of the crash truck. There are many different scenes that can benefit from renting a crash truck and having it sit visibly in the roadway. Here are some such scenes.

Road Work

Construction crews that are working on the road use a variety of methods to alert approaching motorists of the work that is taking place. These methods can include digital signs, flashing beacons, and more. Unfortunately, there are still some motorists who fail to pick up on the cues, or who are perhaps so distracted behind the wheel that they fail to slow down in time. A crash truck positioned at the start of the work zone can protect crew members who are working ahead of the truck. Should a vehicle hit the crash truck, it would absorb the impact instead of having the vehicle careen into the crew.

Traffic Accidents

Accident scenes can be highly dangerous for anyone who is out of his or her vehicle. After a serious accident, there may be a large crowd of people who are on the road or beside it. This group can include the drivers and passengers of the vehicles that were involved in the collision, first responders, witnesses who stopped to speak to the police, and even family members who have traveled to the scene. Accident scenes can be distracting; a motorist may be so focused on trying to see the scene that he or she doesn't stop in time. The proper placement of a crash truck can absorb the impact of any vehicle to protect those who are exposed on the road.

Lane Closures

Lane closures often have the ability to disrupt traffic patterns, but there's also the chance of someone being hurt. For example, a motorist who fails to react in time could proceed through a small barrier the blocks off the lane, and potentially then lose control on the unfinished pavement or perhaps even roll off the road and tumble down an embankment. A crash truck positioned in front of the closed lane can protect motorists from this type of scenario.

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