Tips To Keep Your Chimney In Good Shape This Fall

Posted on: 9 October 2019

With the return of fall, you might start using your fireplace more frequently thanks to the cooler weather. But, with more frequent fires, you will have smoke going up your house's chimney on a regular basis. If you want your chimney to remain in good shape for the entire fall season and for years to come, here are some tips that might help.

Make Sure the Wood is Dry

You generally don't want to bring wood in right after it is cut and immediately toss it in the fire. For best results, you want the wood to be as dry as possible before you put it on the flame.

This is because damp wood will lead to a fire that's not as hot, and the cooler the fire, the more soot and smoke there might be. This will make your chimney's job a bit more difficult and could lead to faster wear and tear.

Clean the Fireplace and Chimney

If there is any soot left over after a fire, you should do what you can to clean it out. Leaving the remnants of a fire in your fireplace could be dangerous, and the lingering soot might cause damage to the area over time.

As for the chimney, it should be professionally swept at least once per season or more often if you are burning wood every night.

Don't Forget to Protect from Above

Your chimney is usually concerned with what's coming up from the fireplace below. But, if your chimney does not have a cap on it, you could also be in danger of sustaining damage from above.

Large hail or small animals might be able to get into your chimney from above if left unchecked. Have a chimney professional install a cap to give you peace of mind and protect your chimney for the long-term.

Hire a Restoration Specialist

If you haven't touched your chimney at all in many years, chances are it's seen better days. If you want to start burning fires with greater regularity this autumn, you should first contact a chimney restoration professional and make sure yours is up to the task.

A chimney that can not properly let out smoke and soot is one that could prove to be dangerous for your home. A restoration company such as Sposato Masonry can help restore your chimney to like-new condition, and you'll be ready to light a fire with much greater peace of mind.