Historic Home Restorations And Everything You Want To Know About Wood Gutters And Their Maintenance

Posted on: 13 November 2019

If you have a historic home that you are restoring, some of the renovations you do may include updating the structure with modern features like gutters. The problem is that modern metal gutters can look out of place on historic buildings. Therefore, wood gutters are the ideal solution to add gutters or may even be part of the original design of buildings. The following guide will help you understand wood gutters, repairing them, maintaining them, and having them installed.

Considering Wooden Gutters That Blend in Well with Existing Exterior Trim and Molding Features

The basic wood gutters that are typically installed on homes are similar to trim moldings with a channel dug out on the top to allow water to flow. Today, there are many options for molding styles that you can choose from when you have wood gutters installed. You will want to look for molding profiles that are similar to the existing woodwork on the exterior of your home.

Adding Downspouts to Wood Gutters That Are Inconspicuous with Changing the Architectural Appearance

One of the most noticeable and unattractive features of gutters are the downspouts. If you are doing renovations to a historic home, you want to hide the downspouts without affecting the appearance of the structure. This can be done by locating downspouts in less visible areas or hiding them in cavities of posts, chimney chases, and wall cavities.

Repairing Damaged Existing Wood Gutters and Installing Liners to Prevent Wear and Damage

If your home already has wood gutters that are damaged and beginning to rot, you may want to repair them or have them replaced. When you repair the damaged wood gutters, talk to the installation service about adding a protective liner made of zinc or other materials to protect the wood and reduce wear that eventually leads to rot.

Adding Modern Gutter Drainage and Features Like Rain Collection Without Affecting the Aesthetics of Your Home

In addition to the installation of gutters and improvements to prevent wear, you probably want to add drainage to protect the foundation and make want to add rain collection. Add these features in a manner that is inconspicuous by burying drainage and tanks. If you want a rain barrel above, consider decorative materials or building an enclosure to hide these systems and improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your home.

Wood gutters may be the perfect solution for the exterior of your historic home when doing repairs and renovations. If you are ready to add gutters to your restoration project, contact gutter installation services like California Gutter Company INC. and talk to them about the needs of your home.