Window Tinting Isn't Just For Cars: 3 Residential Window Film Perks

Posted on: 19 December 2019

When you think of tinted windows, you probably envision some cool cat driving down the road in a darkened car with the bass from the stereo coming through loud and clear. But tinting your glass isn't just for car owners. Today, more and more homeowners are choosing to hire a contractor to perform glass tinting services like the installation of residential window film. Here's why you might want to consider this addition to your own home:

You Have Large Windows on the Ground Floor... Or Nosy Neighbors

Just like with your car, tinting your residential glass can make it harder to see what's going on inside while you are standing outside. If your home has large windows on the ground floor and you live in a neighborhood where the houses are on top of one another, you might feel like you don't always have the privacy you want. Yes, you can buy some blinds or curtains, but it can give you peace of mind to know that no one can see in even if you forget to put the blinds down.

This might be especially helpful if you have children in your neighborhood who frequently play out in the street by your house. If people are getting close to your home on a regular basis, make sure you protect the sanctity of your private space.

Keep It Cool and Save Money in the Process

If you have windows positioned somewhere that causes the sun to shine clearly and brightly right into your house, things might start to heat up after a while from all of those rays. There's also the fact that the sun can be awfully bright and the glare might make you or your family uncomfortable. Once window film is installed over the glass, those bright beams from the sun won't seem as bright anymore. Your house will remain cooler naturally, and in the summer time, this could help you save money on air conditioning.

Keep Your Luxury Furniture Looking Luxurious

Another side effect of having the sun's UV rays make a bee line right for your windows is that this could cause long-term damage to your luxury furniture. If you have a fancy couch or chair positioned right by the window, that fabric is going to start to fade over time. Window film can block a large percentage of those UV rays that are doing the damage.

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