4 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips To Put Winter Behind You And Get Ready For Warm Summer Weather

Posted on: 7 February 2020

With winter coming to an end, it is time to turn off the heating in your home and get ready for warmer weather. Therefore, you will want to do things like remove winterization, service your AC, and check to make sure everything is working properly for when you need your cooling. The following air conditioning maintenance tips will help you prepare your HVAC for the warm summer weather after winter has ended.

1. Removing Covers and Any Winterization That Can Cause Damage When the AC Turns On

One of the first things that you do to prepare the AC for winter weather is put a cover on it. As the weather gets warmer in spring, you will want to remove the cover when the threat of winter weather has passed. In addition, you will want to remove any other winterization that you may have done.

2. Changing the Filter and Cleaning the Components of Your AC to Ensure Everything Is Working Efficiently This Summer

To reduce wear, improve efficiency, and ensure the air coming from AC vents is clean, you should regularly change the air filter. This is something that needs to be done during the spring months when you are cleaning the components and doing other simple maintenance tasks that need to be done before you start using your AC when summer weather arrives.

3. Moving the Dampers and Checking the Ductwork for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired Before Summer

The HVAC ducts in your home have dampers in them that direct the flow of air for heating and cooling needs. When you are switching from heating to cooling, the dampers need to be adjusted for good circulation and efficiency of your AC. When you are adjusting the dampers, you will also want to inspect your AC ductwork for damage and problems that need to be addressed before summer.

4. Have Your AC Serviced and Make Sure Any Minor Repairs Are Completed to Avoid Summer AC Problems

Lastly, you will want to have your AC serviced before the spring weather gets warmer. An AC maintenance service can check the coolant gas levels and inspect the system for minor problems. You will want to have minor repairs done now to avoid problems when there is warmer weather and you need your cooling.

These are some tips that will help you get ready for summer with the right AC maintenance as winter comes to an end. If you need help with servicing your AC before the warm weather gets here, contact an AC maintenance service, like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., to ensure your home is ready for summer.